Best samples from 2017

Since we gained the ability to record audio, it has been possible to make use of this medium in all fields. From montages of acoustic scenarios (cinema, television, radio novels, etc.) to music in many of its presentations, pre-recorded music is an integral part of the entertainment industry. Over time, several musical genres began to incorporate into their production processes other songs to create new sounds based on the existing ones. In its beginning, there were many legal problems in doing this. The modality became more tolerated once producers and musicians of diverse genres began to make use of the technique. Soon after, sampling became a crucial piece in recording studios. And nowadays, technology has made it even easier to mash together songs and genres that could have never been thought about a decade ago.

R&B Samples from 2017

“Wild Thoughts.” Dj Khaled, Rihanna & Bryson Tiller sampled “Maria Maria” by Carlos Santana.

The magnificent guitar player has had only two singles ranked # 1 on Billboard, during his glorious 48 years career. Coincidentally, both hits happened at the same time, in 1999. The resurgence of the most popular guitarist in the Latin market brought back memories of his nine-time award winner album, ‘Supernatural.’ It is this album that contains his two hit singles ‘Smooth’ and ‘Maria Maria’.

And, it is precisely this latter, which DJ Khaled borrowed for his new track, ‘Wild Thoughts.’ Khaled backed the power of Santana with Rihanna’s incredible vocals, and Bryson Tiller, who is hitting hard with his debut on the American charts. The song only sampled the iconic guitar riff, but it is essential in the development of the single because it serves as a bridge that seamlessly connects all the pieces.

“Questions” by Chris Brown sampling “Turn Me On” By Kevin Lyttle.

Chris Brown is usually in the news for all the reasons you can think. But none of those reasons involves his music. An example of this fact can be found when Brown was caught commenting in one of Rihanna’s IG pictures from Crop Over fest. Some fans thought it was not called for while others didn’t see an issue with it. Meanwhile, his musical career keeps a steady pace.

Brown came with ‘Questions’ after earning a platinum plaque for ‘Party’ feat Gucci Mane & Usher and a Gold plate ‘Privacy.’ For his next massive hit, ‘Questions,’ Chris Brown decided to sample and channelise Kevin Lyttle’s worldwide hit ‘Turn Me On‘ from all the way back to the early 2000’s. “Girl I got a question for ya, can I get an answer,” sings Brown through the claw over the Dancehall-inspired instrumental. We have already heard this song a few times, and it is without a doubt another hit. Surprisingly, the song, now on the top international charts as reported by Apple Music, only clocks at 2 minutes and 9 seconds, which is very short. Last week, Chris published his song ‘Pills & Automobiles‘ ft. Yo Gotti, Kodak Black and A Boogie as a warm up to his upcoming new album Heartbreak On A Full Moon. Regardless, using “Turn Me On” has been one of Chriss Brown best musical decisions lately.

Credit: Kiki Ruiz

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