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The Blues is Still Alive Thanks to Them

Modern artists who keep the Blues alive

As we already know, Blues is an ancient genre. Every year, new styles show up, and the old ones are usually forgotten. That’s why we’ve got artists in every decade, to keep those genres alive. We feel pretty thankful with these interpreters because, without them, these beautiful and artistic styles would go out of fashion. That’s why we have brought you some of these modern artists, the ones who keep Blues alive and makes us remember that there is nothing better than listening to old music.

Gary Clark Jr

Introduced as “the future of the Blues”. But, he also proved a brilliant present, a charismatic and inspired artist that captured the public’s attention. On the other hand, it obtains great tonal variety from the use of pick and fingers (sometimes combining them) and a few pedals, with which he captures deep sounds, generally with its Epiphone guitar of half box, or his wholly white Strat. For Gary, Blues is a frame, a reference source, but not a limit. In his shows, there was a strong presence of psychedelia, but also Soul, folk, R&B, and even doo-wop influences of the 50’s, in the excellent ballad “Please Come Home “, which he sings in full falsetto.

Joss Stone

This girl was born 30 years ago in the port of Dover, England. She has taken over the world of Soul, Blues and R&B, with a voice that evokes the greatest singers of those genres. She has participated in various tributes to some of her predecessors, such as this tribute to Aretha Franklin, with Aretha present. It was not by chance that she rose to fame in 2003, at age 16, with a first album called “The Soul Sessions”, which gained several awards, had millionaire sales (several times platinum), and that made the look of the connoisseurs would turn, unbelieving, towards her.

Thanks to The Soul Sessions she became the youngest British artist to receive a Brit Award, as well as having a number one album in the UK. But almost as surprising was the unexpected success of the album in the United States, in the particular environments of Soul music. Stone evokes, for many critics, the sound and relaxed and bohemian vibe of Detroit in the 1960s, of the early so-called “Motown” sound. She has kept Soul, Blues and R&B alive thanks to her exceptional talent and her great voice.

John Mayer

He is one of the best-known artists in the music industry. In the music world, there are always discrepancies, but all will affirm that his singing, his ability to compose and perform live, renders him as an admired artist. He is prodigious on guitar. Mayer did not just stay in experimental pop. He has worked throughout his career with Jazz, Blues, Soul and even Country.

If you listen to his first cd and compare it to the last one, you will realise that there is no relation whatsoever. He always tries to make different rhythms and also different thematic. In the Blues genre, the performer has always stood out with his vocal talent and also on guitar. He is also part of the American musical trio “John Mayer Trio”, which is still united today and contributes to keeping Blues alive.

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