Chris Brown Suffers a Seizure?

Reports are swirling around the web that  L.A. EMTs were called to Record Plant Studios early this morning due to a seizing Chris Brown. Reportedly the call came in at 1 AM this morning, but once the EMTs arrived, it is alleged that Brown refused treatment and didn’t take a ride.

According to Techyville:

TMZ is reporting that singer Chris Brown has suffered a seizure.  Paramedics were called onto the scene after a 911 call came in stating that the singer needed serious and immediate medical attention.

The call came from Record Plant Recording Studios in Hollywood at 1:09 am.  When medical personal arrived on the scene, Chris reportedly refused treatment and also refused to go to the hospital.

If TMZ’s report is accurate, Chris is just the latest major star to suffer seizures.  The rapper Rick Ross has had regular seizures, some of which have led to the cancellation of performance dates.  The rapper Lil Wayne has also had regular seizures.

The reason for the seizures has not been revealed, but some are wondering if various forms of drug use may play in a role in some, if not all, of the seizures of major hip-hop stars in recent months.  A street drug called “Molly” has been linked to seizures, as well as the extensive use of codeine syrup, another drug of choice among hip-hop stars.

In case you haven’t paid attention to the music lately, molly is the powder or crystal form of MDMA or Methylenedioxymethamphetamine.  CNN says that the increased popularity of the drug, which is heavily promoted among musical artists these days, poses a serious threat to the public.   Dr. Theodore Bania, a Medical Toxicologist at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital in New York, says that the side effects of molly use can lead to devastating and deadly symptoms, such as Bania frequently sees patients who have complications from MDMA, ranging from dehydration and exhaustion to more severe side effects such as hyperthermia, seizures, electrolyte abnormalities, cardiac episodes and comas.

Conversations have swirled through the blogosphere since last year speculating that Chris may be involved in the drug culture, and that this may be the reason for erratic behavior and weight loss.  In his song “Countdown,” Chris writes lyrics about molly use as well, so he seems to be quite familiar with the drug culture.  It would therefore be logical to at least wonder if this could be part of the problem that has led to the seizures of Brown, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne.

According to the National Institutes of Health, drug use is not the only cause of seizures.  They also mention other factors that may cause a patient to experience the medical symptom, including:

  • Abnormal levels of sodium or glucose in the blood

  • Brain infection, including meningitis

  • Brain injury that occurs to the baby during labor or childbirth

  • Brain problems that occur before birth (congenital brain defects)

  • Brain tumor (rare)

  • Choking

But again, no one knows the nature or reasoning behind Chris’ seizures.  We wish him the best.  We also hope that he can find a way around his many medical and legal troubles.  Chris is already dealing with the possibility of prison time after being arrested for being involved in a hit-and-run accident while out on parole. Let’s hope he calms down

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