Unarmed Man

Unarmed Man is a film that responds to the current epidemic of racially motivated police violence that has been steadily gaining more visibility. The plot of this follows the fallout of such an incident from the bureaucratic perspective. It offers a candid look into what follows such a terrible event.

What happens within the social world outside of the systems of a police station should be familiar to the audience. Often there is an outcry by others for justice and answers for an explanation; as to why a police officer acts as the judge, jury, and executioner in a confrontation with someone innocent until proven guilty.

Unarmed Man surrounds the police officer’s statement and examines it with a critical eye to show the deadly consequences of implicit bias in our society.

It tells the story from a perspective that is unique and effective. It puts viewers in the position to examine their own thoughts on the subject. Not only does it tell a story, but it asks the audience how they would write the story. Were they at the desk of the scriptwriter? And why would they do it in this way?

When you watch this film, ask yourself how you would structure justice in the world of Unarmed Man. Would it reflect our unjust reality? Or would you give a glimpse of a better world?

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